KLEBER's mascot the boxer

Discover the origins of the KLEBER boxer!

A faithful companion

Urvic, chien boxer mascotte de KLEBER

The boxer made its first appearance in the brand's communications in 1971: it was the star of an advertising campaign and was clearly associated with the qualities of KLEBER tyres.
It became the brand's mascot.

Why a boxer? Its physical and psychological qualities are similar to the physical and technical qualities of KLEBER tyres.

  • It is a faithful animal, a family friend.
  • The boxer is all muscle, a real "rubber dog".
  • It keeps its master safe and defends him if he is attacked.
  • The boxer is a dog that gives a warning before it reacts. It always keeps control of the situation and never loses its head.

The boxer just had to be associated with KLEBER tyres that "bite" the road, as the message says.

The adjectives describing a boxer ...

solidly-built, muscular, flexible, mobile, quick, active, thoroughbred, elegant, docile, faithful.
... perfectly suit KLEBER tyres!

The boxer, a star

Urvic, chien boxer mascotte de KLEBER

The boxer made its entrance into KLEBER communications for the first time. The name of the actual dog was Pérou Habert des Bastidans and it became the symbol of the brand in a televised, press and poster campaign.


The first drawings of the boxer appeared in Edition 20 of KLEBER's magazine, "Contact".

Pub TV chien mascotte KLEBER

New televised campaign for the launch of the V10 S tyre.


The KLEBER boxer returns to television after a long absence. The brand was back, centre stage.

Pub TV chien boxer mascotte KLEBER

The KLEBER boxer embodies the innovations of the brand. It helped to introduce "wide shoulder" tyres and support their launch.


A 30-second TV film, much longer and more comprehensive than the previous ones, alternately showed the boxer in action and the KLEBER C50H tyre, demonstrating the parallels between their qualities.
Radio spots were also broadcast when large numbers of people were "migrating" by car with a message: "A hard road? ... KLEBER, the tyres that cover it softly".

KLEBER des pneus de grande race

Five boxers, all French champions and medal-winners, were used in filming the advertising spot this year. "Sultan", the star of the show, gave the longest performance, helped by his companions and his understudies.


The little boxers were a great success in the dealerships. They were part of a vast programme called "Winning boxers".

Urvic chien boxer mascotte KLEBER

In this campaign, which focused on KLEBER's people, the boxer contributed a new tone, more emotional but tinged with humour and still highly professional.


The DR 503 and DDR 553 tyres had original PoS advertising for their launch: a life-size dog.
A new, even more realistic set of material would be produced in 2009.


After a break at the beginning of the new millennium, the KLEBER dog made its official return in the brand's non-media communications in 2007 with a new message: "KLEBER, confidence day after day". Urvic des Gorges d’Héric becomes the symbol of the KLEBER brand.

Bryane and Burton are introduced

In 2007, it is Bryane, Urvic's cousin, who became the KLEBER symbol. Since 2011, Burton has been representing the brand, particularly in key visuals.

The boxer in all its forms

The boxer, KLEBER's iconic mascot, has lent its image many times to advertising items in very varied forms: soft toys, USB key etc.